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Credit: DC Comics

Exclusive preview shows how Harley Quinn is enjoying life on Apokolips in Issue #46

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Jul 16, 2018, 3:05 PM EDT

In Issue #45 of her new series from writer Sam Humphries and artist John Timms, Harley Quinn found herself on Darkseid's homeworld of Apokolips. So, how is she adjusting to life as a Female Fury working for Granny Goodness? Well, let's just say the opening pages of Issue #46 find our hero fighting against a character named "Petite Tina," who, according to Humphries, didn't cut it as a minion of the aforementioned Granny. 

"All I can say this is the first time we've met a failed Female Fury," the writer told SYFY WIRE via email. "Tina is a character we're going to see a lot of, long term, in the book. Along with her, Coach, and Harley's mom, they'll be the core of our supporting cast."

Fighting against a warrior from beyond the stars with a magical hammer sounds like a hoot-and-a-half, but Harley soon finds that the good folks of Apokolips go a lot harder than she does. In such a hellish place, there's no room for a conscience. 


Credit: DC Comics


Credit: DC Comics

Oh, and there's also the teensy tiny mystery of the Harley comic books within the comic book. The writer of these meta-publications is named M. Clatterbuck. 

"They are possibly the most elusive comic creator of all time," stated Humphries. "We keep seeing their creations -- comic books about Harley, inside the DCU. I can tell you that this mystery is leading up directly to our giant-sized art jam #Issue 50 spectacular -- in which HARLEY QUINN DESTROYS DC CONTINUITY!"

Did we mention that Apokolips has fast food establishments? Yep, they do and Sam was amenable enough to provide a Yelp review of The Egregious Grill:

"Me and some friends stopped into the Egregious Grill for a little Friday night happy hour fiesta, if you know what I mean! The scalloped anthrax was overcooked, but I liked the cheesy whale arteries okay. The bartender spat in my drink twice -- for those prices, I expect three times! My friend said he saw Glorious Godfrey there once, but I doubt it. All we saw were a bunch of Parademons who were, of course, super obnoxious. Me and my bros just wanted to kick off the weekend and they kept trying to cut us open and let our guts spill out. No thank you! I won't be coming back. ONE OUT OF FIVE STARS."

Issue #46 of Harley Quinn drops into comic shops Wednesday, July 25. Doomsday (no, not that Doomsday) weapons, good deeds, and Pulp Fiction references abound, and it only gets more Maury Povich from here, as Harley discovers more about her real father.

Check out the gallery below for a look at six interior pages that are exclusive to SYFY WIRE.