Exclusive Hover clip does a tense flyby before targeting theaters

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Jun 12, 2018, 12:05 PM EDT

When drones get just a little too good at serving their human masters, it doesn’t take long for what’s supposed to be a benign technology to twist itself into one of humanity’s worst nightmares. So leave it to Hover, the forthcoming feature from SYFY Films, to explore just how frighteningly wrong things can go when our airborne robotic helpers decide they know what’s best for us.

This short but tense exclusive clip boils Hover down to the essence: The drones are coming, and they’re probably shooting to kill. In a near future when environmental havoc is causing food shortages and compelling the government to protect its organized crop system by deploying sentinel drones, a handful of locals discover a sinister connection between sick farmland inhabitants and the tech that’s meant to be protect them.

As the local population grows increasingly ill, some seek out euthanasia with the assistance of a pair of compassionate care providers named Claudia (Cleopatra Coleman) and John (Craig muMs Grant), her mentor. But when John’s death leads to a bigger mystery, Claudia and the locals begin to uncover the deadly link between the drones and her clients’ health.

Directed by Matt Osterman (400 Days, Ghost from the Machine) and also starring Shane Coffey (Pretty Little Liars, Sugar Mountain), Beth Grant (The Mindy Project, No Country for Old Men), Fabianne Therese (Teenage Cocktail, Southbound) and Rhoda Griffis (Walk the Line, The Blind Side), Hover taps into our instinctive mistrust of autonomous tech by hitting on our dystopian fear that we’re never entirely in control when machines can go anywhere, see anything, and carry instructions that only their programmers know — and do it all while armed to the teeth.

It’s a theme that’s having its moment, with drones popping up everywhere, from the big screen (Blade Runner 2049), to television (Amazon’s Electric Dreams, The X-Files), and even in video games (Deus Ex: Mankind Divided).

Get your brush with the twisted tech when Hover opens in theaters June 29, and on VOD and Digital HD on July 3.

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