EXCLUSIVE: Imperium #13's New Story Arc Stormbreak

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Dec 21, 2015

Good god I love Valiant Comics. It’s an underdog brand that consistently puts out excellent writing in their comics with great action, wonderful action-packed storylines with artwork that begs for a second reading. So when we got an exclusive of the latest Imperium story arc, it was definitely difficult to contain my excitement. Imperium, if you’re not a die hard comic nerd like I am, is an off-shoot of Harbinger that takes the Harbinger villain, Toyo Harada as the main character ultimately ending in a Book of Death: Harbinger confrontation between him and Peter Stanchek.

In the latest story arc “Stormbreak”, Valiant Comics teams up Joshua Dysart with his former Harbinger artist Khari Evans (the previous Imperium series was done by Doug Braithwaite). It’s a match that has proved effective for Valiant and Dysart, who has shown that he is one of the most effective in writing an evolving series with excellent character development, is always someone to get excited about whenever his name appears on a series.

Here’s the official announcement of the new story arc:

The world’s most powerful team of mercenaries is on the defense…as an elite international kill squad led by Livewire and H.A.R.D. Corps’ Major Charlie Palmer descends to destroy Imperium’s stronghold!

Toyo Harada will save the world…if he doesn’t doom it first. The revolutionary disruption that Harada and his team have launched – by deposing tyrants, housing refugees, and feeding the poor – has come at the expense of the world’s wealthiest nations. When the planet’s leaders have had enough, it will be decided: Toyo Harada must die. Now a crack unit of operatives will stand against Harada on the global stage…with his own former pupil Livewire taking him head-on. Meanwhile, Harada’s military lieutenant Gravedog meets his match when Palmer drops into the firefight of a lifetime…H.A.R.D. Corps vs. H.A.R.D. Corps!

While Imperium #13 comes out in February 2016, we have few exclusive to wet the appetite below.

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