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Exclusive: Incredibles 2's Brad Bird on the new Super he was sad to cut from the movie

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Jun 12, 2018, 9:45 PM EDT (Updated)

In less than a week, audiences will finally see Incredibles 2, writer/director Brad Bird's long-anticipated follow-up to his 2004 Pixar superhero masterpiece The Incredibles. To say that anticipation is high feels like an understatement. The first reactions to the film were overwhelmingly positive, box-office tracking predicts the best animated movie opening ever, and all of the trailers look great. This time next week, Bird and company will likely be taking a victory lap.

For now, though, Bird is making the rounds on a promotional tour for the film, speaking to various outlets about the making of one of the most longed-for sequels of the 21st century. Fortunately for us, SYFY WIRE is one of the outlets Bird had a chat with about the movie (more on that later this week), and in the course of the interview we were able to ask him about the many supporting characters that populate the Incredibles universe.

Though it largely centers around the Parr family and their various power sets, the world of The Incredibles is a fully formed superhero universe with a rich past and present history of "Supers" with all kinds of powers and gimmicks. This time around, in addition to the Parrs and their buddy Frozone (Samuel L. Jackson), we'll meet a few new Supers, including Voyd (Sophia Bush), who can create voids that allow objects to seemingly appear and disappear at will. As much as the film adds to the world, though, there were still elements left on the cutting-room floor.

With that in mind, we asked Bird if there was a favorite Super he created for the film that we didn't end up seeing. 

"There were several that didn’t make it. I had one named, he’s kinda there but no one gives him a name, one called Overthink," Bird said. "His power was incredible mental energy, but he takes time to consider every single thing, and usually misses his opportunity to correct whatever the problem was because there’s always one more angle to explore… Through inaction, he doesn’t not screw up [laughs]."

One of the joys of an Incredibles movie is that, even as you're following this single family on its superhero adventure, you're also seeing all of these little details letting you know just how much bigger the world is, so it's interesting to know that even with all of that detail there are still things that get left out. There are heroes shown in literally one shot of the first movie who could have entire backstories and sets of adventures we haven't seen yet, and Bird keeps up that sense of a fully lived-in world with the sequel.

So, who knows? Maybe Overthink will have a chance to avoid screwing up in a comic book backup story someday or something.

Incredibles 2 is in theaters Friday. Keep checking back at SYFY WIRE this week for more from our chat with Bird.