Exclusive preview: Invincible Iron Man #599 changes everything for Doctor Doom

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Apr 19, 2018, 9:53 PM EDT (Updated)

The search for Tony Stark is almost over, and writer Brian Michael Bendis’ time at Marvel is coming to an end. Ever since the end of Civil War II, Stark has been comatose and out of action. For the real Iron Man, Secret Empire was just something that happened to other people. But while Stark was gone, two people stepped up to claim their share of his legacy: Riri Williams aka Ironheart, and Victor Von Doom, the man better known as Doctor Doom.

Doom had his own transformative experience in the closing moments of Secret Wars. He may have lost his god-like powers, but Doom's face was healed and he has attempted to walk the path of a hero. Unfortunately for Doom, he’s lost a lot of his edge along the way. He recently lost a battle with the Hood and his minions that never would have happened during Doom’s world conqueror days. This is more egregious than the time Arcade lit a match on a Doombot!


In our exclusive preview for Invincible Iron Man #599, Bendis and his artistic collaborator Alex Maleev catch up with Doom after he took refuge in the home of Dr. Amara Perera, a woman who has repeatedly rejected Doom’s romantic overtures. Considering that Amara is now pregnant with Doom’s child, things can only get more awkward from there.


To be fair, Doom’s response to Amara is far more restrained than it would have been in the old days. He actually seems to care about her, as much as he can. And this is about as sincere as he gets.


The question now is whether Amara returns any of those feelings.


Artist Stefano Caselli is also contributing to this issue, and his part of the story will include the following pages, which reunite Mary Jane Watson with Tony Stark’s birth mother, Amanda Armstrong.


Last issue, Stark warned Ironheart and her allies that he didn’t want to be found. But if he doesn’t return soon, his company will be lost to him. And Stark wouldn’t want to make Amanda mad at him! She will ground him.


Invincible Iron Man #599 will be released on Wednesday, April 25.