Exclusive: Jeff Lemire and Dark Horse end Black Hammer and will return with Age of Doom

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Sep 26, 2017, 4:00 PM EDT

Say goodbye to Abraham Slam, Golden Gail, Colonel Weird, Madame Dragonfly, and Barbalien. After the cliffhanger events of Black Hammer #13, released last week, publisher Dark Horse Comics has announced the series will conclude.

But wait, there's more. In a SYFY WIRE exclusive, writer Jeff Lemire and artist Dean Ormston are announcing the launch of a new title from their creator-owned universe: Black Hammer: Age of Doom.

Launching April 2018, Age of Doom will continue the Eisner-Award winning saga about the heroes of Spiral City, who vanished a decade ago following the battle with the world-ending Anti-God ... but who continue to exist on a mysterious farm in a strange realm.

So what's the reason for the new title? In a press statement, Lemire said his and Ormston's book has always commented on the history of superhero comics, and that those universes seem to be "rebooted, relaunched, and rebirthed every year."

"It felt like we needed to play around with that idea, but put a Black Hammer spin on it," he added. "So, starting in April, Dean, Dave Stewart, Todd Klein, and I will continue the story and the mystery of Black Hammer ... but everything you love will stay intact."

Meanwhile, fans of the Black Hammer-verse can get their fix on October 18 with the launch of Sherlock Frankenstein & the Legion of Evil #1, a spin-off limited series written by Lemire and illustrated by artist David Rubín. The comics focuses on Lucy Weber, the investigative journalist daughter of Black Hammer, who explores the rogues gallery of her father's greatest foes.

"This ending is just the beginning," said Lemire about the conclusion of his main title, and the story's expansion. "Black Hammer has grown beyond what Dean Ormston and I could ever have hoped for ... We've fallen in love with the world of Black Hammer and the characters that live there, and we have a lot of story left to tell.

When Black Hammer: Age of Doom debuts next April, each issue will feature variant covers. In the gallery below, you can check out issue #1's variant by cover by Skottie Young and the issue #2 variant by Fábio Moon that pays homage to Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns.