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Exclusive: Jeph Loeb on keeping the Defenders dream alive and Punisher Season 2

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Jun 28, 2018, 4:50 PM EDT

If you’re a dreamer, then there's a chance that you will see a second season of The Defenders. After winning Best New Media Superhero Series for The Punisher at Wednesday's Saturn Awards, EVP of Marvel Television Jeph Loeb talked to SYFY WIRE about the honor, as well as the challenges with bringing Marvel’s Netflix heroes together.

“Everyone who has an imagination shares this award,” Loeb said at the awards show, held in Burbank, California. “That why what we do at Marvel resonates with people, because it touches the dreams that we all share.”

Speaking of dreams, Loeb told SYFY WIRE that the dream of another Defenders season is “always alive.” However, “The reason it’s so challenging is in order to do it, we have to stop making the other shows.”

For those wondering, the filming of Defenders is why Season 2 of Jessica Jones took two years to release.

That doesn’t mean the Marvel machine is slowing down anytime soon. “Our priority right now is getting out the second seasons of our other shows, and in the case of Daredevil, Season 3. We’re currently hard at work on Punisher Season 3,” said Loeb.

The man in charge of Punisher Season 2 is Steven Lightfoot, who accepted last night’s award with Loeb. SYFY WIRE talked to him about being part of the Marvel Universe. “It’s tough but also a lot of fun,” said Lightfoot. 

That’s a great way to describe working on such a divisive character as Frank Castle. When dealing with a character whose go-to response to anything is violence, Lightfoot told SYFY WIRE that “the main thing is giving him some heart and some humanity. Unless you can make the audience empathize with him, none of it really matters.” 

Will things matter more in Season 2? “Well, things don’t get any happier for Frank,” Lightfoot said, telling SYFY WIRE that he knew who would be going up against Frank this season, but he wasn’t spilling. Although he did say that Frank will “act accordingly.”

The second season of The Punisher will air sometime in 2019.