Exclusive: Jim Zub brings the Dungeons and Dragons comic back to Baldur's Gate

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Apr 20, 2018, 3:00 PM EDT

Next week, IDW is bringing its D&D heroes back with the first issue of Dungeons & Dragons: Evil at Baldur’s Gate. Minsc the Mighty (and his even mightier hamster, Boo), Krydle, Shandie, Delina, and Nerys have survived some of the deadliest areas of the Forgotten Realms, including stops in Ravenloft and the frozen reaches of the north. But there’s darkness waiting for these adventurers in their home, and each of them will be tested in spotlight stories. 

Writer Jim Zub is once again chronicling the adventures of the Baldur’s Gate heroes alongside five different artists, one for each character’s tale. For the first issue, Zub and artist Dean Kotz are putting a spotlight on Minsc, as he learns about another hero who may have taken his place in the collective hearts of Baldur’s Gate.


“Minsc is used to being the 'people's hero,' a beloved adventurer looked up to by the poor and downtrodden of Baldur's Gate,” Zub told SYFY WIRE. “What he discovers upon his return is that someone else has stepped into that spotlight, a warrior named Krigar. Minsc isn't sure if he should duel this guy or team up with him, but in either case they'd better figure it out quick because evil is afoot and one of them needs to save the day!”


The rest of the group is also facing trouble ahead, as their home has changed a great deal in their absence.

“The city is always changing and in their absence new heroes have risen to take their place and old thieves guilds have reestablished control,” explained Zub. “The group is still wanted by local authorities and some of their allies are no longer around to lend them aid. They've stepped into a much more dangerous city than the one they left.”

Zub expressed his excitement about working with each of the artists after praising the “pulpy action and brawny figures” of Kotz’s first issue. 

“Steven Cummings, my collaborator on a creator-owned series called Wayward, steps in to draw issue 2 with Shandie and Krydle,” said Zub. “Steven draws a wonderfully detailed city loaded with assassins and derring-do.” He added that “Krydle and Shandie have to deal with a gang of criminals Krydle used to run with who are back in the city looking for revenge.”


“Harvey Tolibao's intricate line work is a perfect fit for Delina's chaos magic story in issue 3,” continued Zub. “ “I was worried the surreal visuals I asked for in the script would drag any artist down, but Harvey stepped up to the challenge and delivered stunning sequentials, page after page... Delina is searching for a way to solve the chaos magic that has made her life such a struggle, but the cure she finds might be more dangerous than the curse.”

According to Zub, Nerys’ curse is rapidly catching up to her. “Speaking of curses, Nerys was bitten by a werewolf in our second mini-series, Shadows of the Vampire, and the curse of lycanthrope has taken root within her,” related Zub. “She's tried to keep it hidden from the rest of the group, but the beast within can no longer be contained.”


“Ramon Bachs draws our Nerys issue and he brings classic clean lines to his storytelling,” continued Zub. “It's big and expressive and I know readers are going to be excited to see how this chapter plays out.”

Finally, Francesco Mortarino is drawing the issue that Zub calls “Hamster Quest,” which he described as “a pure delight.” “His work reminds me of Don Bluth animation with a European comic flare," added Zub. “It's cute and fun and full of life.”


But how much trouble could Minsc's hamster, Boo, possibly get in? Quite a lot! “Boo heads out on a secret quest of his own, finding danger and delight around every corner.”


“I feel so fortunate we were able to line up five different artists each with their own sensibilities, each one a perfect match for the story they're paired with,” said Zub. “It's a blast getting to collaborate with so many skilled people as we bring to life settings and characters from the world's biggest role-playing game.”

Dungeons & Dragons: Evil at Baldur’s Gate #1 will be released Wednesday, April 25.