Exclusive: Judge Dredd howls at the moon in IDW's latest Deviations

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:15 AM EDT (Updated)

Have you ever stopped to wonder what if the imposing futuristic lawman, Judge Dredd, just happened to be infected from the bite of a white wolf and transformed into a ravenous werewolf ... forever?

Well, the folks at IDW have unleashed a new title in their weird "What If" series of Deviations comics that examines this bloodthirsty event with horrific detail. Dredd: Deviations is an alt-world one-shot written and drawn by John McCrea (The Demon, Hitman) inspired by the acclaimed cycle of Dredd adventures from John Wagner and Alan Grant in 2012.

Here's the solicitation synopsis:

In a world where Judge Dredd turned into a werewolf ... and stayed that way!The legendary creator of Dogwelder, John McCrea, takes a sideways look at one of the more celebrated Dredd stories, "Cry of the Werewolf" by John Wagner & Alan Grant and the late, great Steve Dillon. Brace yourself for. .. "Howl of the Wolf!"

Take a long walk into this exclusive 5-page preview of Judge Dredd: Deviations and tell us if you plan on picking up this hairy title when it pounces on March 22.

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