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Exclusive: Jughead and FP clash over the latest Riverdale murder mystery

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Dec 9, 2019, 3:51 PM EST (Updated)

So far Season 3 of Riverdale has hit new heights when it comes to entertainment, even if there have been fewer dead bodies overall. Archie was on trial, Betty and Jughead are going all in on their Mulder and Scully investigations, Veronica and the Vixens performed for prisoners, and Hiram Lodge gets more evil by the minute. Luckily, by the looks of this exclusive clip from this week's episode, the excitement and intrigue aren't going away anytime soon.

As you may remember, in last week's episode, we dove into the past of the parental units a la Breakfast Club and met the Midnight Club, who also spent time in detention together. Except instead of finding their identities, they found a deadly board game which led to a murder. Yes, this is the Riverdale you know and love. Naturally, Jughead is now dead set on solving the mystery even though FP thinks it's a terrible idea to dive into the past and potentially, another dangerous situation. But can FP really expect anything different? He knows who raised Jughead, doesn't he?

Check out the clip below:

If this isn't the most intense drama stemming from a role-playing game ever then I just don't know what would be. How deep is Jughead willing to go to find the true murderer? And will FP support him even though he’s likely to put himself in danger to find out? Get pumped for another murder mystery in Riverdale.

Riverdale airs Wednesdays on The CW.

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