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EXCLUSIVE: Laura Vandervoort talks going after blood in Bitten's shocking season 2 premiere

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Apr 17, 2015, 6:35 PM EDT (Updated)

When Bitten returns tonight on Syfy (Disclosure - Syfy is Blastr's parent company - Ed.) you can expect that there will be blood, along with plenty of vengence and some new witchy characters, said actress Laura Vandervoort in an exclusive interview with Blastr. Last season, Vandervoort's character, Elena, found the head of her poor ex-finance Philip on her bed after the pack staved off a vicious attack from other werewolves.

“Season one, mostly she was torn between her two worlds and trying to live a normal life with Philip. Now that Philip is gone ... the first episode takes place three days after her finding his head,” said Vandervoort, who plays Elena, the only female werewolf. “She's pretty bloodthirsty, and she's out for revenge. Elena's just gone into kill mode. That's the difference this season with her. She's not torn between the two worlds. She's not unsure. She's accepted the beast within, and she's going all out,” she said.

While the story will continue to follow the book, the writers are “taking a bit of liberty in terms of storyline and characters. We've brought in the witches this year, which is great, because I now have more women on set. Not that I was complaining, but it's nice to have girls around. It's definitely adding to the plot. The witches coming in brings a force that the wolves have never dealt with and can't really go up against. There's nothing that they can do with magic. They're very physical creatures. This is something that they have to wrap their minds around,” she said.

This season expect the story to delve even more into the characters, said Vandervoort.

“Similar to the books -- Stolen is the title of one of the books -- and that's what happens to Elena this season. She is separated from the pack and held captive. So, for a good three episodes, I'm not even with the boys. I'm separated from my family. It's sort of nice, in a way, because you see Elena having to deal with a lot of issues on her own, physically fight her own battles,” she said.

According to executive producer JB Sugar, while season one was about fathers, “the second season is much more grounded in mothers. That goes hand in hand with the introduction to the witches and the dynamic that Paige and Ruth Winterbourne have as mother and daughter. There's Savannah Levine, who's also a young witch who's not yet come into her powers, that in our adaptation of the story has actually lost her mother. So she's kind of brought into the Winterbourne family as a de facto stepdaughter and sister to Paige, and stepdaughter to Ruth. We even get into some backstory with Clay Danvers and his history and how he became a werewolf himself and some reconciliation vis-a-vis his mother relationship. And then, also, Elena herself, as a maternal matriarch mother figure, female energy introduced into an almost exclusively male-dominated world.

Vandervoort, who's played Supergirl on Smallville and starred in the alien invasion series V, hopes fans will love the direction season two takes.

“I have faith in that. I think anyone can drop in on season two if they haven't read the books, haven't seen season one, and still enjoy the show, because it's really a combination, for me, of all of my favorite shows that are on TV. I think the character development is great. We still have the Soprano family tradition, family love, kill for the family, but now there's this whole other aspect of witchcraft that they have to deal with. It's pretty great,” she said.

Here's a look at tonight's Bitten:

Bitten airs on Syfy on Friday at 8 p.m.

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