Exclusive look at Titan's new Forever Free comic series by Joe Haldeman

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:07 AM EDT (Updated)

Author Joe Haldeman is one of the titans of science fiction literature, most noted for his classic 1974 novel of epic trans-galactic combat, The Forever War.

Back in 1988, the acclaimed French artist Marvano teamed up with Haldeman and his wife, Gay, to produce a monumental graphic novel adaptation of The Forever War that was initially printed in Dutch, then later translated into English, French, and German.


London-based Titan Comics launched a fresh edition of their collaboration this past December, which collected all three original volumes of The Forever War project into one premium-format TPB that came fully loaded with never-seen covers and notes.



Now Titan is rolling out a follow-up series titled, The Forever War: Forever Free, also produced by the same creative team, which continues the stirring saga of William Mandella, a heroic survivor of a centuries-old interstellar conflict against the Taurans.

Mandella returns to a far future Earth to discover humanity evolved into something almost as frightening as the extraterrestrial race he'd been battling. Haldeman's Forever Free was a direct sequel to The Forever War, and was first published in 1999.



Here's the official solicitation synopsis:

Inspired by Haldeman’s own Vietnam War experiences, The Forever War series tells the story of William Mandella – survivor of a catastrophic interstellar war. Mandella, together with a small group of human survivors, returns to Earth to find the human race greatly changed.

Evolved into a group mind called Man, society is now intrusive and autocratic, denying all individuality. The veterans plan to escape by means of space travel, but, when their ship starts to fail, Mandella’s team begins to search for the enigmatic entity responsible - The Unknown.

Check out our exclusive Steve Kurth cover reveal and preview pages forThe Forever War: Forever Free #1 in the gallery below, then tell us if you'll snap to attention when this sci-fi spectacle hits stores in April.