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Credit: Cryptozoic/Adult Swim 

Exclusive: Make your friends squanch with jealousy over these Cryptozoic Rick and Morty trading cards

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Apr 29, 2019, 7:17 AM EDT (Updated)

Gotta squanch em' all! Wanna be the coolest kid in all of the multiverse? Then you'll have to get your squanchin' paws on the upcoming Rick and Morty trading cards from Cryptozoic Games. The only downside? All Szechuan sauce is sold seperately — at least until the Season 3 set is released. 

Each pack comes with five cards and the chance to nab main characters, indelible moments from Season 1, temporary tatoos, standees, stickers, and scratch and sniff experiences. For instance, did you ever wonder what that anthropomorphic pizza ordering a large person with extra people smelled like in "Close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind"? Well, now you can! How about the enticing scent of Strawberry Smiggles from "Rixty Minutes" (aka Interdimensional Cable #1)? Yep, they've got that too. Just try to stay away from young children, or they'll cut you open to get at those Strawberry Smiggles you just ingested. 

Perhaps the biggest incentive to pick up a pack of these cards is that you'll get a 1-in-48 chance of getting a character card, which was actually signed by a member of the cast. There are autographs from Justin Roiland (co-creator; also voice of Rick and Morty), Chris Parnell (Jerry), Tom Kenny (Squanchy), Phil Hendrie (Princial Vagina), Maurice LaMarche (Adult Morty Jr.), Rob Paulsen (Snuffles), Kari Wahlgren (Jessica), and more. 

SYFY WIRE was provided with an exclusive look at one of the autograph cards, which depicts Phil Hendrie's Davin. This character was Beth's fellow horse surgeon in the episode "Rick Potion #9," where Rick ends up "Cronenberging" the world up after Morty requests a serum that will cause Jessica to fall in love with him.

Davin tries to seduce Beth, but under the influence of Rick's formula (it is flu season after all), becomes weirdly obsessed with Beth's son before transforming into a horrible praying mantis creature. Luckily, Jerry shows up just in time to bludgeon the monster to death with a crowbar. 

Phil Hendrie s1 PH-D Davin

Credit: Cryptozoic/Adult Swim

Recently ending its third season on Adult Swim, Rick and Morty's future was uncertain when co-creator Dan Harmon stated that contractual negotiations were getting in the way of greenlit production on more episodes. Fortunately, fans had nothing to fear, as the network picked the series up for 70 extra episodes in an amazingly large deal that surprised even hard core fans of the show. Harmon announced the exciting news with Justin Roiland in a humurous video, where it was "revealed" that Roiland had been living in Harmon's shower.

The cards hit shelves in stores all across the universe on June 27. In the meantime, head to the gallery below for an exclusive look at six of the many trading cards you'll be able to get.

The listing is as follows:

  • Character Bios chase card  – Jessica
  • "Rixty Minutes" chase card – Baby Legs and Regular Legs
  •  Anatomy Park chase card  – Colon Log Ride
  •  Temporary Tattoo chase card – Noodle Morty
  •  Scratch and Sniff chase card – Strawberry Smiggles
  •   Standee chase card – Snuffles
  • Phil Hendrie autograph card – Davin