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Exclusive: Matt Kindt on his covert new Boy Scout adventure series, Black Badge

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Apr 29, 2019, 7:17 AM EDT (Updated)

I fondly remember my times as a Boy Scout, and in between selling jamboree tickets and learning how to tie my neckerchief correctly, I had some amazing adventures growing up in California under their influence and inspiration.

Boom! Studios' Black Badge, a nostalgic new adventure series from fan favorite creators Matt Kindt and Tyler Jenkins capitalizes on those innocent times and adds an element of mystery by imagining an elite sect of the American institution as clandestine operatives for the government tasked with taking on top-secret missions no sane adult ever would.

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The Eisner Award-nominated team has injected this addictive new Boy Scout series with plenty of their trademark humor, charm, and intellectual edge. Boom!'s premiere issue being release on August 8 takes the squad to North Korea and upcoming installments will deploy the team to exotic destinations around the globe.

Within the honored organization, the Black Badges are certified as the best of the best. The unpredictable storyline follows their intriguing exploits as their leader’s attention is split between their covert mission and tracking down a lost team member who vanished years ago and was presumed dead. Black Badge #1 features a main cover by Matt Kindt, with variants by JP Leon, Tyler Jenkins, and the Eisner Award-winning Jeff Lemire (Black Hammer).

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"Black Badge was one of those ideas that has been bouncing around in my head for nearly 10 years," Kindt told SYFY WIRE. "Any time the subject of boy scouts would come up -- I would make a joke about how they're scouts...they should be going on REAL scouting missions. But the more I made the joke...the less it seemed like something funny and the more it sounded like a good story idea. I'd come up with a lot of the idea for the training and missions and what the badges and kids would look like...and then Grass Kings ended right as I was really digging into Black Badge.

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"And I absolutely LOVED working with Tyler and Hilary Jenkins on Grass Kings," he added. "I think they're such an amazing duo -- and I NEEDED to work with them again. Tyler loved the idea and it was really a no-brainer. His work really transforms a story. It gives it real weight and importance and as a result what started as a joke of an idea has become an adventure/drama starring these four teenage kids going on back-ops missions that's going to be both heart-breaking and fun at the same time. But mostly heart-breaking."

Troop on in to our exclusive preview of Boom!'s Black Badge #1 in the full gallery below, then tell us if you'll suit up for this exciting espionage series when it debuts August 8.