Exclusive: Mighty Captain Marvel soars into action with Margaret Stohl and Japanese Breakfast

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Mar 28, 2017, 9:00 AM EDT

The Mighty Captain Marvel is swinging into action in her brand new series from Marvel Comics and writer Margaret Stohl. Things are starting to heat up for the intergalactic hero as she faces new foes and teams up with familiar friends.

But Carol Danvers and her Alpha Flight team are off to a rocky start as they chart their journey through this new series. As Stohl points out, Captain Marvel may be mighty, but that doesn't mean she is without fear.

"Carol is desperately afraid of losing control," she explains. "Carol is afraid of hurting the people around her."

"I think who Carol is represents the dichotomy of who we all are, which is to have to be able to do everything and then feel like you're failing," adds Sana Amanat, editor and Director of Marvel's Content and Character Development.

In the video below, Stohl previews what is to come for the titular hero, including some unforeseen dangers lurking in what should be a simple movie set.

The video also features a brand new song from Japanese Breakfast, an indie act from Eugene, Oregon, that consists of the musical stylings of Michelle Zauner. Zauner says she considers herself a massive comic book fan.

"I'm a big fan of Marvel. I used to work at a local comic book shop in Philadelphia called Brave New Worlds. It was the best job I've ever had, getting to read comics all day and trying to get people excited about new series," says Zauner. "I love how much Marvel has embraced a more modern representation of women, especially women of color in their comics. I think my music is perfect for this series because I embrace being a mixed race woman in a genre that's generally pretty dominated by white men. The faces of indie rock are changing a lot like the faces of comics!”

The third issue of The Mighty Captain Marvel is on comic shelves tomorrow!

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