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Exclusive: Mirror Barclay invades the Enterprise in IDW's new Star Trek: TNG - Terra Incognita #1

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:00 AM EDT (Updated)

Loyal Trekkies and space travelers who enjoy gazing at their reflections will be infinitely drawn into IDW's latest exploration of The Mirror Universe in Star Trek: The Next Generation -Terra Incognita, which docks at comic shops today, July 25.

This darker descent into the mirroring effects of alternate dimensions offers up a cast of much harsher (and possibly cooler) versions of your favorite The Next Generation characters, along with interesting facets of the prime versions from the original TV series you're most familiar with.


Written by David and Scott Tipton (Star Trek: TNG - Broken Mirror, Star Trek: TNG - Through The Mirror) and matched up with art courtesy of Tony Shasteen (Star Trek: Boldly Go), Terra Incognita is a six-issue episodic miniseries that continues its investigation of the parallel realm, and delivers some unexpected personality surprises as the evil twin entities infiltrate the Enterprise to pillage and loot.

Following in the wake of this year's Through The Mirror mini-series, the story picks up with a riveting tale of Captain Jean-Luc Picard and his Enterprise-D crew in the aftermath of their confrontations with their villainous doppelgangers from the mirrored spectrum of time and space. With the Enterprise star voyagers returning to business as usual, they're unaware of a scheming serpent amid their ranks, and it's one of their own! Exactly what does the Mirror Barclay want with the federation starship, and what is the fate of his Prime-universe counterpart?!

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Co-writer Scott Tipton spoke with SYFY WIRE and reflected on the opening pages of the premiere issue, then offered a taste of what readers can anticipate in this double-edged saga:

"This scene below gave us a chance to jump right into the story for readers who’ve been along with us on the whole TNG Mirror Universe journey we’ve been writing for the last year, while at the same time opening our tale on a really dark and disturbing note for new readers, catching them up in a really creepy way," explained Tipton. "Artist Tony Shasteen gives Mirror Barclay an almost sociopathic calm here as he monologues to his captive duplicate; it’s a bit of 'acting' from Shasteen that works really well."

Check out our 4-page peek below at Star Trek: TNG - Terra Incognita #1 as the counterfeit Lieutenant Reginald Barclay tries to blend into the normal routine of Prime Barclay and goes to feed Data's cat, Spot.

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