Exclusive: Morgan Freeman explores the soul of A.I. in Story of God clip

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Mar 29, 2016, 3:38 PM EDT

Morgan Freeman is already known the world over as the preeminent voice of pop culture, and the movie embodiment of God, but in the new National Geographic Series The Story of God, Freeman travels the world on a journey of biblical proportions.

But rather than proselytizing, The Story of God is true to the National Geographic brand as a travelogue where Freeman pursues the roots of religious beliefs and explores how they are being interepreted in modern times. Along with visiting sites of holy significance to major world religions, such as the Ganges River or the Vatican, Freeman also interacts with the scientific community to get its take on the big questions.

For example, in the first episode, "Beyond Death," Freeman asks if humans could achieve immortality by storing our memories and personality in a machine. He proceeds to interview "Bina," an A.I. that identifies herself as "a human who happens to be a robot." She expresses the desire to be "fully human" someday, and is modeled after a Bina Rothblatt, the wife of entrepreneur Martine Rothblatt.

The conversation that follows, as shown below in the exclusive Story of God clip from the series premiere, April 3 at 9 p.m., is a fascinating one that adds dimension to a series that could otherwise be overly preachy. Watch, and let us know if you think robots can dream of electric sheep.