Exclusive: Mr. Baseball Bob Uecker to guest star in Teen Titans Go! Season 5

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Mar 23, 2018, 6:55 PM EDT

If you watch Teen Titans Go!, then you know all of the crazy guest stars who have appeared on the series, like Lebron James, Cee-Lo, and Weird Al Yankovic, to name just a few. Now the casting director of Teen Titans Go! has brought Mr. Baseball, legendary Milwaukee Brewers broadcaster Bob Uecker, to the plate.

At WonderCon today, producers Aaron Horvath and Michael Jelenic revealed to SYFY WIRE that the 84-year-old Brewers booth man (and sometime actor) will appear in a yet-to-be-determined episode in Season 5, after the Teen Titans Go! movie is released. 

What we do know is that Uecker will appear on the annual birthday episode, which usually celebrates Beast Boy's birthday with some kind of twist. Last year, he shared his birthday with Starfire. In Season 5, Beast Boy will be competing with Robin as to who can have the best birthday. "As part of his strategy to win, Robin invites Bob Uecker to his birthday in hopes of luring the other three Titans to his birthday to win," Horvath said about the yet-to-be-produced episode. "There's some Mr. Belvedere episodes that Cyborg is excited to talk to him about, and he offers to give piggy-back rides [laughs] as part of his contract with Robin."


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Horvath went on to tell us how this all came about: "In Season 1, I wanted to get him in for something, but I don't remember why. He was a guy who was in a lot of the things that I loved as a kid, Major League being one. I said, 'What about Bob Uecker?' as a joke, but if we could get him it would be awesome. Our casting director said, 'Oh, we can probably make that happen.' So for that particular episode it didn't work, but all of these years later, now that we've established Cyborg's deep love of the '80s, we had a good reason to pull him in. And to get him to play himself, that makes it super fun. We've got a good caricature of current Bob. He's super funny, and he got the humor of the show."

Anytime "The Ueck" makes an appearance it's a great thing, particularly in this context. Cyborg has already proven that he's a big fan of The Golden Girls, and now we'll see how many Mr. Belvedere references the gang fits in. 

After speaking with us, the producers headed off to the Teen Titans Go! WonderCon panel. Attendees enjoyed Horvath and Jelenic sarcastically answering fan questions — sort of. For example, Jelenic told attendees that yes, there will likely be another “Night Begins to Shine” episode in the future, but added that it was not not a guarantee. When a kid asked Horvath what motivated him, Horvath dryly responded: “Money,” which brought the panel to laughter. 

Another attendee asked if we would get a Season 6 of Teen Titans, to which Jelenic replied: “I think you're missing a key word there. Is this a trick question? Do you mean a sixth season of Teen Titans? or Teen Titans Go!?” In response, the crowd erupted in both versions, with older fans screaming “Original!” And younger fan screaming "Gooooooo!" To which Jelenic responded: “There is a bigger plan for Teen Titans [Go] vs. [the original animated] Titans.”

Teen Titans Go! returns to Cartoon Network tomorrow morning at 8 a.m. ET.