national geographic year million episode 4 mind meld

Exclusive NatGeo Year Million preview is guaranteed to blow your mind

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Jun 7, 2017, 10:00 PM EDT

If you have a hard time remembering not to talk with your mouth full, then you're going to love the future, as presented in our exclusive preview of Episode 4 of National Geographic's Year Million, below. See, you won't even need to actually use words to express yourself a million years from now, as your brain, along with most everyone else's, will be biohacked right into the internet, and we'll all be telepathically linked via the cloud. So you'll be able to chew and communicate clearly at the same time!

"We're going to connect our neocortex to synthetic neocortex in the cloud, and our thinking then will be a hybrid of our biological brains, with the non-biological extension in the cloud," says Ray Kurzweil, inventor/futurist, one of many qualified smarties (along with some less qualified comediennes) whose commentary helps create a possible glimpse of what humanity will look like one million years from now.

Year Million is NatGeo's new six-part documentary-drama series. Episode 4, entitled "Mind Meld," can be seen today, June 7, at 9 p.m. ET. Check out the preview below, and let us know telepathically if your mind is blown; but if that doesn't work, feel free to use the comments section.