EXCLUSIVE: Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk at SDCC on the joy of being 'has-beens' in Con Man

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Jul 10, 2015, 2:29 PM EDT

One of the buzziest projects at San Diego Comic-Con this year isn’t coming from a major studio or network. Instead? It’s the quirky passion project Con Man from genre favorites Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk. 

We caught up with the duo, along with producer PJ Haarsma, at the convention to talk about the quirky project that casts the two Firefly alums as former stars of a beloved sci-fi series that was cancelled too soon (sound familiar?). The series pokes fun at the convention scene in a tongue-in-cheek way, and follows Tudyk’s character through his love and hate relationship with the fan circuit. 

In our interview with the creative team, Fillion and Tudyk chatted about the conception of the show, the decision to go the crowdfunding route, and the quirky vision for the types of stories they want to tell. Dig into our interview below, then keep going to check out a brand new trailer that debuted at Comic-Con:


Check out the new trailer below:

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