Exclusive: Neil Gaiman shares the secret origin of Sandman on its 25th anniversary

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Oct 30, 2013

What a strange, long dream it's been! It's now 25 years since Neil Gaiman's Sandman was born, a milestone he's celebrating by returning to his famed comic-book character in The Sandman Overture, on sale today. And what better time to watch as Gaiman explains how the revolutionary series came about?

Click below to discover the spark that gave birth to the Lord of Dreams and the rest of his eerie siblings, check out a pic of an incredibly young Gaiman at the first public signing of Sandman and more.

After you've done that, why not watch the first installment of BlastrTV's ongoing sci-fi origins series and see Robert Kirkman share what it was like when Walking Dead was born.  And keep coming back for future episodes as we talk to Katee Sackhoff about her first days with Battlestar Galactica and more.

This clip, as well as all past and future episodes of BlastrTV, are also available in the Syfy Now app for iPhone and iPad, Syfy's Xbox app and Roku Channel. If you're looking to view this episode in the Blastr app, you can access it in the video section.


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