Exclusive: New 6-page preview for Paul Cornell's Saucer State #1

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:13 AM EDT (Updated)

Last month we told you about IDW Publishing resurrecting Paul Cornell's acclaimed Saucer Country into a new TPB and fresh ongoing series, Saucer State. The premiere issue is set to land in comic shops tomorrow, and we've got a conspiracy-laden, mind-warping preview of this absorbing new paranormal title featuring Arcadia Alvarado, a female president of the United States who just happened to be abducted by aliens in the New Mexico desert.

We might have our own domestic issues with the new commander-in-chief over immigration and health care, but this fictional president has much more on her mind with a full-scale investigation into the mystery of these probing extraterrestrial visitors.

Described as The X-Files meets The West Wing, Saucer State is the sequel and continuation of Cornell and Ryan Kelly's Hugo Award-nominated Saucer Country from 2013 and a perfect starting point for UFO-loving readers who believe the truth is out there.

Here's the solicitation synopsis and exclusive 6-page preview in the gallery below. Saucer State #1 descends into comic shop shelves on May 24. Will you climb on board for a test ride?

She was abducted by aliens. Now she's the President. She's going to use the power of that office to find out what really happened. But will they let her? Saucer State is the sequel to and the conclusion of the Hugo Award nominated Saucer Country. It's House of Cards does The X-Files. It's a bulletin from the brightest timeline. She will break the world to find who hurt her. And new readers can start here.

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