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Comics artists interpret Jean Grey in this exclusive peek at limited edition art from the Dark Phoenix 4K set

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Jul 17, 2019, 1:02 PM EDT

Dark Phoenix, the final film in Fox's X-Men saga that kicked off nearly 20 years ago, is heading to 4K, Blu-ray and digital this September, and we've got a sneak peek at a very special limited edition version of that release. 

The film will of course be available for digital purchase and in the various forms of physical media you've come to expect, but if you really can't get enough interpretations of the Dark Phoenix Saga, you might want to look for something a little extra in the Walmart exclusive version of the Dark Phoenix Ultimate Collector's Edition. This combo pack, featuring 4K and Blu-ray versions of the film plus a digital code, will also feature six limited edition art cards, each offering a different interpretation of Jean Grey that come together to form a six-paneled poster. The cards were drawn by comic book artists Paulina Ganucheau, Emma Kubert, and Afua Richardson, who each contributed two pieces in an effort to articulate what Jean Grey means to them as fans and as artists. 

"I am so excited to take part in the X-Men: Dark Phoenix saga. I remember being 10 or 11 years old when I first read the Uncanny X-Men being defeated by the Dark Phoenix created by Byrne and Claremont. A green and red cover showing one of the most powerful psychics in the Marvel Universe. The concept blew my mind," Richardson began.

"I love each of the X-Men for different reasons, but I personally had an affinity for Jean because my name, Afua, translates into 'Born on Friday' and my middle name, Njoki, to reincarnate or to be born again like a fiery bird from the ashes. I hoped to capture her as a cosmic and chaotic force of nature, consolidated into a powerful but conflicted mind. How can you contain the power to create and destroy and maintain your humanity when you’ve seen so much pain and anguish? A responsibility all of us must face at some point in our journey. I was inspired by the cataclysmic forces that surround us all and the choices we must make when granted with incredible power. As well as the patterns presented in nature, sacred geometry and my love of the X-Men legacy. Those heroes who do what they must even when they are not thanked for it. A humility I try to remember in everyday life."

Check out an exclusive sneak peek at the limited edition art in the gallery below. 

While you'll only be able to get the limited edition cards at Walmart, all 4K, Blu-ray, and digital home releases of Dark Phoenix come packing a variety of special features, including commentary by writer/director Simon Kinberg and producer Hutch Parker, deleted scenes, a five-part making-of documentary, a breakdown of the Fifth Avenue fight sequence, and a Beast-centric featurette dubbed "How to Fly Your Jet to Space." 

Dark Phoenix will be available on digital via Movies Anywhere on September 3, and will arrive on 4K, Blu-ray, and DVD on September 17.