Exclusive preview: All Star Batman #7 reveals new Poison Ivy costume

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:14 AM EDT (Updated)

From the icy terrain of Alaska to the fiery heat of Death Valley, our cowled hero continues his road trip against villainy in the latest issue of All Star Batman ... now with his sights shifting to Poison Ivy after defeating Mr. Freeze last month. But this won't be any walk in the park, or the desert, for the Dark Knight.

Following the five-issue arc in which Batman traveled with Two-Face, this next story has an apocalyptic vibe as Bats encounters villains who have the end of the world on their minds. After dealing with Victor Fries and his plan to unleash a virus from an ice core, Batman now heads to Death Valley, where Poison Ivy appears to injecting new life into the desolate landscape.

Written by Scott Snyder, issue #7 features art from Tula Lotay (with a variant cover by Lotay and Francesco Francavilla), whose style has elements of horror and noir with colors that literally escape the frame. The issue also unveils a new costume for Batman's seductive scientist foe, which you can check out in the exclusive preview below.

If you want to follow Batman on his rogues gallery road trip, pick up All Star Batman #7 on Feb. 8 ... and keep an eye out for our interview with Snyder and Lotay this week!