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Exclusive preview: Avengers #686 unleashes the Immortal Hulk

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Mar 22, 2018, 6:30 PM EDT

The Earth has been stolen and used as a staging ground in a cosmic game between the Grandmaster and the Challenger. Each side has cheated to gain the advantage. The Grandmaster used Voyager to infiltrate the Avengers and secretly sabotage their efforts to save the world. As for the Challenger, he brought the Hulk back to life... and he's pissed!


Avengers #686 kicks off the final round of the "No Surrender" storyline as Jim Zub, Al Ewing, and Mark Waid let the Immortal Hulk loose on what's left of the team. The Hulk has already defeated almost everyone in the Avengers Auxiliary headquarters, even the Vision and the Red Hulk. And in these exclusive preview pages from artist Paco Medina, inker Juan Vlasco, and colorist Jesus Aburtov, Rogue, Thor, and Hercules desperately attempt to arrive in time to rescue their teammates.


Wonder Man is the last one standing in the way of Hulk and his ultimate goal. Perhaps his powers could even challenge the emerald goliath. The problem is that Wonder Man has embraced pacifism and now actively avoids using violence — and he absolutely despises using his fists as a solution. It's an admirable stance, but it probably won't do him any good this time.


Perhaps the biggest problem here is that Wonder Man has no real history with either the Hulk or Bruce Banner. If there were an emotional connection or even a bond of friendship, then perhaps the man in the monster would listen to his desperate pleas. The big question: Is there anything left of Bruce Banner's mind in the Hulk's psyche?


Finally, some promising signs from the Hulk. But don't settle down just yet, true believers! The Hulk may be smart, but that doesn't mean he won't bring the pain.


Avengers #686 will be released on Wednesday, March 28.