Exclusive preview: Batman and Catwoman face sword-wielding baddies in Batman #34

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Sep 3, 2019, 8:18 AM EDT (Updated)

What's the current relationship situation between the Cat and the Bat?

Well, in the opening pages of Batman #34, written by Tom King and available this Wednesday, it involves your standard lovers' banter ... you know, if "standard" means facing off against a "lot" of sword-wielding enemies in the middle of the desert.

But if you think Batman and Catwoman look good together now, just wait until you see them covered in blood!

Accompanied by Joëlle Jones' art, "Rules of Engagement" Part 2 finds Batman on a quest far from Gotham City and far from the friends who think he's gone mad. But with Catwoman as his partner, his mission puts him outside the law and at the center of chaos -- with old demons to face.

Check out the exclusive SYFY WIRE preview of Batman #34 below, and if you dig it, pick it up on November 1. The issue is published by DC Comics with a cover by Joëlle Jones and variant cover by Tony S. Daniel.