Exclusive Preview: Batman And Robin #35

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Apr 29, 2019, 7:15 AM EDT (Updated)

Even on Darkseid's home turf, bad guys find Batman frightening. That's the impression you get in Batman And Robin #35, available in stores Oct. 15, when you see Bats zoom through Apokolips and taking a moment to disrupt a typical Pit Feeds ritual.

But the Caped (and cloaked) Crusader has a bigger mission on his mind now that he's zipped through a boom tube to this world: Find the body of his departed son, Damian. Dedicated, grieving and majorly ticked off, the hero of the third installment of the "Robin Rises" arc won't stop until he accomplishes the goal and likely kick a lot of parademon butt in the process.

And maybe he won't have to do it alone. In the exclusive preview from the DC Comics issue below -- written by Peter J. Tomasi, with art/cover by Mick Gray and Patrick Gleason -- read up on Batman's trek and the lengths to which the rest of his Bat-family might go to help him. Oh, and you just might catch a quick cameo of Batcow. Just sayin'.

Enjoy the sneak peek (and a look at the "Monsters of the Month" Halloweeny variant cover)!

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