Exclusive Preview: Batman Beyond #9

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Feb 1, 2016

A Batman's work is never done, especially not in a timeline still devastated by the events of the Future's End story. In the ongoing monthly title Batman Beyond, Tim Drake has taken over for Terry McGinnis 35 years in the future, and things are still going pretty poorly after Brother Eye has basically taken over the world.

Still, Bats is on the job, and in this new issue, he's heading to the remnants of Metropolis, the City of Yesterday. Meanwhile, rations are scarce and tensions high in the refugee city of New-Gotham, where rebuilding the world is a task secondary to living without food and medicine.

As bleak as it sounds, we're excited to exclusively reveal the first five pages of Dan Jurgens' comic, which also has Batman facing down a foe familiar to fans of the Batman Beyond animated show. Check out the preview of Issue #9 below, and if you like what you see, pick up the DC Comic when it hits stands on Feb. 3.

The official synopsis:

Let the doctor make you strong,

Let him give you the tools to survive…

While the world flocks to Neo-Gotham, Batman tracks Terry’s brother, Matt, to the former City of Tomorrow: Metropolis! But they both get more than they bargained for when they meet the new muscle in town. Check out the DC Universe debut of the Splicers, previously seen in the Batman Beyond animated TV series!

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