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Exclusive preview: Batman: White Knight #8 unleashes the Joker on Neo Joker

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Jan 17, 2020, 1:51 PM EST (Updated)

Jack Napier has defeated Batman, and that’s something that the Joker could never do. That’s pretty impressive considering that Jack is the Joker, or rather, he is the man the Joker could have been.

Through seven issues, writer and artist Sean Gordon Murphy’s Batman: White Knight has depicted a world in which Jack reclaimed his sanity and used political moves to bring Batman down. In the process, Jack was able to give Harley Quinn the love she deserved all along. Unfortunately, the second Harley, Marian Drews, has reinvented herself as the Neo Joker. She wants the original Joker back, and she’s threatened to destroy Gotham City to do it. 

Now, Jack has made a desperate agreement with Batman to help bring down his former lover. Together with the Gotham PD, the original Harley, and the remaining members of Team Batman, Batman and Jack are on their way to confront Neo Joker. But the original Joker is still the wild card in this situation. In the last issue, Jack’s hold over his alter ego slipped away, and the real Joker reemerged in the Batmobile as he and Batman rode into battle. 

The issue will be released in comic book stores on Wednesday, May 9. Here’s the official description of the issue from DC Comics.

In the extra-sized finale of Sean Murphy’s top-selling miniseries, Jack Napier’s suspicious seduction of Gotham City comes to its twisted conclusion! With the city on the verge of becoming an icy tomb for the GTO, Batgirl makes a crucial assist and Gordon is forced to reevaluate his judgment of Batman to secure the greater good. As the true Joker’s return becomes imminent, Harley seeks vengeance and reckons with the bleak future that looms for her loved ones.

You can catch our exclusive Batman: White Knight #8 preview in the gallery below.