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Exclusive Preview: Browncoats unite for Titan Books' stellar new Firefly Encyclopedia

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Nov 6, 2018, 9:25 PM EST

The Firefly legacy is alive and well in 2018, with Fox still holding out hope for a Joss Whedon-led revival, a smashing Greg Pak-penned comic book series from Boom! Studios arriving this month, and now a lavish new series companion book released today from London-based Titan Books.

Hop aboard the Serenity and head into SYFY WIRE's special 12-page peek into this must-have Firefly collectible.

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Authored and curated by pop culture writer Monica Valentinelli, the Firefly Encyclopedia is a 254-page love letter to Whedon's beloved space western fantasy creation. Inside the cover is a wealth of Firefly-centric pages emblazoned with vivid 'Verse maps, infographs, script notes, timeline breakdowns, character bios from Badger to Zoe, and a dizzying guide to the fleshed-out science of the celebrated show.

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Crammed into this exhaustive edition is a galaxy of starships, weapons, props, sets, costumes, and story analysis to keep you fully nourished with a bounty of Firefly-related arcana and concept artistry. Various chapters highlight such engaging topics as "The Story of Firefly," "Friends & Allies," "Varmints & Villains," "Shuttles, Ships & Spacestations," and "Learning to Technobabble."

Valentinelli has an intimate relationship with the Firefly franchise, as she was the lead writer and developer for the award-winning line of Firefly RPG books, and also wrote Titan's Firefly: The Gorramn Shiniest Language Guide and Dictionary in the ‘Verse.

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"The Firefly Encyclopedia marks my fifth year working in the 'verse," Valentinelli told SYFY WIRE. "The brand-new Firefly Encyclopedia allowed me to expand the presentation of the Firefly story, incorporate canonical materials to cover character profiles, language, fashion, technology, etc., and then close with my analysis of the show scripts. I also drew upon several existing sources, including the Serenity comics, to ensure the material is as close to a cohesive canon as possible."

Soar into our exclusive extended look at Titan's Firefly Encyclopedia in the full gallery below, then share with us exactly what the Firefly phenomenon has meant to you in the comments section.

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