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LUISA GN by Carole Maurel, Translated by Mariko Tamaki 

Exclusive Preview: Carole Maurel's Luisa Now and Then GN, translated by Mariko Tamaki

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Jun 15, 2018, 4:01 PM EDT

As a part of Pride Month, Humanoids Publishing is releasing French artist/writer Carole Maurel's beautifully illustrated and expressive graphic novel about self-reflection, acceptance, sexual identity, and time travel, Luisa: Now and Then. Who better to translate that into English than Mariko Tamaki, who has written present day hits that touch on some of the same themes, such as This One Summer, Skim, and Supergirl: Being Super?

Luisa: Now and Then is the story of a teenage girl named Luisa who travels to the present day, only to be confronted with herself in her thirties. The meeting manifests raw emotions of confusion, regret, and compromise as the younger version of Luisa must accept that all of her dreams have been dashed for a boring shadow of her youthful hopes.

Meanwhile the older Luisa recalls her more inspired and impulsive days, the pain and truth about her sexuality that she pushed aside, and the fleeting fondness of the '90s. Both versions of Luisa eventually warm to each other and blend into one another in what is a spirited and heart-felt journey of self-exploration.

Maurel's work in animation for television opened the door for her first graphic novel, "Les Chroniques Mauves." She has since gone onto publish many more stories that comically opine on the world through the lens of woman and lesbian.

SYFY Wire has an exclusive four-page preview of Maurel's Luisa: Now and Then of the scene when the older Luisa realizes she's talking to her younger self, as told through Tamaki's translations. Look for Luisa: Now and Then on June 20 at a local comic shop near you.