Exclusive Preview: Christofer Emgard finds horror in the woods in Dark Horse's The Whispering Dark #1

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Apr 29, 2019, 5:56 AM EDT (Updated)

Evil can hide in the most unlikely of people and places, often where free will and the wilderness meet, somewhere on the murky horizon between Heaven and Hell.

The Whispering Dark is an unnerving new horror miniseries from Dark Horse that explores what happens when a person's moral compass gets led astray under extreme circumstances and duress. Written by Christofer Emgard (Mirror’s Edge: Exordium) and injected with intense art from Tomas Aira (Night of the Living Dead: Aftermath), this paranormal journey into the fathomless depths of faith arrives on Oct. 24, and SYFY WIRE has scored an exclusive peek into the opening pages.


The intriguing storyline follows Army pilot Hannah Vance as she and her team drop deep into enemy territory to rescue a lost elite Ranger unit. Believing her devout faith can conquer and survive anything, she must overcome a supernatural evil after her chopper is shot down in a remote, unfriendly wilderness. To find her way home, Hannah must rely on her skills and training to stay alive on an ever-more-savage battlefield. Think H.P. Lovecraft's At the Mountains of Madness meets Francis Ford Coppola's Apocalypse Now, with a hint of John McTiernan's Predator.

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SYFY WIRE spoke with Emgard about this new horror project for Dark Horse, his inspirations behind its faith-based plot, and where readers can expect to descend into.

How would you explain the philosophical premise of The Whispering Dark?

Christofer Emgard: Most of us can trust our conscience to help us separate right from wrong. It berates us when we compromise with our values and rewards us when we remain steadfast. But what if that inner voice can no longer be trusted? Who do we then become? The Whispering Dark is a story about war as an amplifier of our innermost urges, and the corrupting forces lurking just behind the thin veil we call reality.

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What do you hope readers will enjoy and absorb most about the story?

I hope you'll enjoy traveling with Hannah and her motley companions, as they confront darkness both within and without. All they want is to get home, but they’ll find that the price of passage is steep, and that the currency is their very souls.

Check out our exclusive examination of the first six pages of The Whispering Dark #1, then let us know if you'll join up for this 4-issue march into madness when the premiere issue strikes on Oct. 24.