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Exclusive Preview: Climb aboard Titan Comics' crazy new Minions: Viva Le Boss #1

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Nov 13, 2018, 4:18 PM EST

Those mumbling little monsters you can't get enough of are storming into their very own Minions comic series from London-based Titan Comics, and this time they're giving the industry the silent treatment.

The miniature yellow-hued mascots of Universal and Illumination’s global phenomenon Despicable Me animated movies are making a speechless return to comics Nov. 14 crawling with hilarious bite-sized jokes, gags, and pranks.

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Written by Stephane Lapuss (Spirou, Napoleon) and featuring whimsical cartoon-style art from Renaud Collin (Spirou), Minions: Viva Le Boss showcases the crazy yellow henchmen's journey through history as they search for a villainous leader worthy of their loyalty. Will they finally find their ultimate evil ruler, or are they doomed to forever be Minions without a master?

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Spawned from the $3.7 billion Despicable Me juggernaut, the first Minions movie in 2015 was a smashing success and gathered $1.15 billion at the worldwide box office. Despicable Me 3 struck theaters in June 2017 and collected just over $1 billion, securing Despicable Me's place in cinema history as one of the most successful animated film franchises ever. Minions 2 is slated for a 2020 release.

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"There's something ridiculously anarchic and appealing about this new Minions comic," Titan Senior Creative Editor David Leach told SYFY WIRE. "The humor has a dynamic, subversive, rebellious feel about it, the gags are glorious, and the silent unpredictable punchlines always catch me totally unawares.

"Silent comics are the hardest things to pull off in comics – there's no punchline or verbal joke to carry the load, and yet Collin and Lapuss' make it look stupidly easy! Not only has it been a hoot working on this comic, but it's also renewed my love of bananas, and just like the Minions I just can't get enough!"

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Scamper into our silent 8-page preview for Titan's Minions: Viva Le Boss #1 in the full gallery below and let us know what these banana-loving mischief makers mean to you.