Exclusive Preview: The Dark And Bloody #2 by Vertigo Comics

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Mar 7, 2016

After a lauded debut in January, Vertigo's new horror series The Dark and Bloody returns for the second grim installment. A title set in the present, but with supernatural elements to call back to great tales from the past, the six-issue series follows an veteran who returns from Iraq to his home in Kentucky. As if it isn't bad enough that he can't find a job, and is forced to run moonshine in the dry county, he is also being hunted by forces beyond his comprehension to make him atone for his sins overseas.

This is a scary, intense and lovely book, and we're happy to offer a sneak peak at issue #2, which is published by the DC Comics imprint and is available March 9. The issue is written by Shawn Aldridge, with art by Scott Godlewski and cover by Tyler Crook. Check out the first few pages in the gallery below, and if you like what you see, pick it up this Wednesday.

The official synopsis

Something evil is lurking in the woods, and Armed Forces veteran Iris Gentry is pretty sure it’s laying in wait to punish him for his past sins. Given his current job running illegal liquor, he can’t turn to the law for help, and they probably wouldn’t believe him anyway. That leaves Iris all alone to defend his family when the malevolence shows up on his doorstep wearing a familiar face.

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