Exclusive Preview: DC Bombshells #40

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:18 AM EDT (Updated)


Fresh off the Batgirls' showdown with Penguin and Killer Frost, Bombshells kicks off its next three-part story arc with #40's "Love Story" this Friday.

After suffering a devastating loss while fighting in the Battle of Britain, Mera and crew may finally be something to be happy about. Writer Marguerite Bennet introduces some romance into the series as the story follows several characters during the aftermath of the battle. Each chapter in this story arc focuses on a separate character having a romantic moment of some sort. 

Get an exclusive peek at what's in store for Mera in the following pages, and be sure to pick up #40 tomorrow to find out what happened to Aquawoman during the Battle of Britain, as she is stripped of her powers and captured by Nereus as a prisoner of war.

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