Exclusive preview: DC Bombshells #98

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:12 AM EDT (Updated)

It's hard to believe that DC Bombshells is already heading toward wrapping up! With the release of issue #98, the popular series is officially kicking off the first chapter in the final arc of the series.

(While the current DC Bombshells storyline is preparing to come to a close, fear not: We've already been assured that a new ongoing series is in the works.)

Last week, Raven learned some harsh truths about her parentage -- as well as the truth about her parents. This week's issue deals directly with the fallout from those revelations as Zatanna and Raven's other traveling companions Harley Quinn and Pamela Isley try to get through to their fellow Bombshell-in-distress.

Chapter 98 is written by Marguerite Bennett, with pencils and inks by Richard Ortiz and cover by Ant Lucia.

What are your thoughts on Bombshells (or this iteration, at least) coming to a close? Any predictions for how things will wrap up? Let us know in the comments!

DC Bombshells #98 is out now.

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