Exclusive preview: DC Comics' Cyborg #8

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:21 AM EDT (Updated)

In the new issue of Cyborg, things are a bit hairy for Vic Stone when he teams up with Shazam to take on the villain known as The Zookeeper. But if that wasn't wild enough for our favorite man-and-machine combo, the Justice Leaguer is treated like an animal when he becomes hunted prey for his own government.

The fallout of the Technosapien invasion has resulted in strict federal rules about cybernetics, and the politicians have decided Vic is government property. You get one guess how he'll take that news! 

Before it's available for your to pick up on Wednesday, Feb. 25, check out our exclusive Blastr preview of Cyborg #8, along with a look at the exclusive Neal Adams variant cover of the issue.

The official synopsis

Following the Technosapien invasion, the government implements greater regulation on cybernetics. Their first step is determining ownership of the cybernetics implanted in Vic Stone, setting up a major conflict when it is decided that Vic is actually property of the government. And when he refuses to comply, a warrant is issued for his arrest—and Vic Stone becomes a hunted man!

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