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Exclusive preview: DC Comics' Lobo/Road Runner Special #1

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Jun 20, 2017, 3:30 PM EDT

What could possibly go wrong when ACME Laboratories starts fiddling around with animal and alien DNA to create mutant hybrids?

Quite a lot, if the somewhat unreliable products by ACME, as seen in Looney Tunes, are any indication. And in the first pages of the Lobo/Road Runner Special by DC Comics, the mad scientist minds at the labs are about to unleash some of those monsters on humanity -- including one coyote who looks a little wily.

And that's just the beginning of this new special that merges DC Comics with Looney Tunes characters. Available June 20 (today!), Lobo/Road Runner Special #1 centers on Wile E. Coyote traveling to the far reaches of space to hire our favorite intergalactic merc, Lobo. What's the job? To bump off Wile's archnemesis, the Road Runner, of course. And the cunning of Mr. Meep Meep himself might not even be enough to keep Road Runner out of the clutches of the coyote and the wolf!

Before you pick up the comic, check out our Syfy Wire exclusive preview of Lobo/Road Runner Special #1 and get a first peek at the mash-up adventure, written by Bill Morrison, with art by Kelley Jones.