Exclusive Preview: DC Unveils first look at Damage #3

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Mar 17, 2018, 6:31 PM EDT (Updated)

Comic book fans, get ready for some more Damage — and we have a first look to get you ready.

DC Comics is offering an exclusive sneak peak at Damage #3, the latest installment in The New Age of Heroes series due to to hit stores on March 21, which gives Wonder Woman a run for her money.


Of course, as fanboys know, Damage is DC’s newest creation, centering around Ethan “Elvis” Avery, an Army recruit who just wants to serve his country, only to find himself turned into a living Weapon of Mass Destruction by the government when he transforms once a day for one hour into an unstoppable monster.

Damage #1 premiered in January as part of DC’s New Age of Heroes, a “bold new line” that aims to expand the DC universe with a vast array of new characters to go along with many of your old favorites.


Per a description from the publisher, Damage #3 finds this ticking time bomb of a beast in a tussle with the Amazonian princess. When she ensnares him in her Lasso of Truth, it “reveals more than either expected to find.”

As you can tell from this preview of comic book panels, DC’s answer to Marvel’s Hulk (no relation, by the way, to Marvel’s supervillain, nor a previous DC superhero who goes by the same name) packs quite a punch.


And as Wonder Woman notes, Damage managed to take out an entire Suicide Squad in three minutes, leaving Mr. One Hour of Power plenty of time to wreak havoc elsewhere.

Let's hope she can help Damage get control of his destiny before it’s too late!


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