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Exclusive preview: Deadpool #300 sends the Marvel Universe after Wade Wilson

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May 3, 2018, 9:25 PM EDT

Have you ever made a huge mistake that you immediately regretted and wanted to take back? Deadpool has, and it cost him everything. Over the course of writer Gerry Duggan’s run, Deadpool rose to his greatest heights as a hero and an Avenger. Other heroes liked him, and people cared about him. He had a daughter and a wife. He had a life.

But Deadpool also killed Phil Coulson on the orders of Hydra Cap. Coulson’s not coming back from that one, and neither is Deadpool. The end is here for both Deadpool and Duggan’s run.

The first page of our exclusive preview for Despicable Deadpool #300 is a pretty succulent rundown of what happened to date. Now, the Marvel Universe is coming to take down the Merc with a Mouth, and he wants it to happen.

Deadpool 300 page 1

For Duggan’s final extended issue, he’ll be joined by three of the major artists from his run: Mike Hawthorne, Scott Koblish, and Matteo Lolli. The next story page from the issue flashes back to Wade’s outer space adventure, where he apparently gained something that may prove to be his ace in the hole.

Deadpool 300 page 2

/p>Warning: there is naked Deadpool ahead! It’s just kind of what he does. Perhaps this would also be a good time to mention that Deadpool stole millions of dollars from supervillains, only to turn around and place that bounty on his head.

Deadpool 300 page 3

At first glance, it certainly looks like Wade’s super alien serum isn’t going to work out. But he’ll need some kind edge, and this might be it.

Deadpool 300 page 4

Deadpool 300 cover

Despicable Deadpool #300 will be released on Wednesday, May 9 in comic stores everywhere.