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Exclusive Preview: Delilah Dawson and Fico Ossio dissect IDW's new Marvel Action Spider-Man #1

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Nov 27, 2018, 7:40 PM EST

Targeted for the young adult market but no less entertaining to older fans, IDW's new Marvel Action series of crossover adventures is set to strike with the first in a dynamic lineup of new superhero stories featuring Marvel's topshelf characters.

Swinging out the gate on Wednesday, Nov. 28 is Spider-Man #1, catapulting Peter Parker, Miles Morales, and Gwen Stacy into the mix with an assortment of deadly villains and legendary heroes. SYFY WIRE has scored an exclusive chat with the book's writer, Delilah Dawson (Star Wars: Phasma), and artist Fico Ossio (Revolution, Skylanders) as they dissect an action-packed sample of two interior pages.

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Marvel Entertainment and IDW Publishing announced this partnership back in July to develop middle-grade comic books designed to entice a new generation of younger readers weaned in a Marvel world. This web-crawler offering will be followed by an Avengers series starting in December and a Black Panther series for January 2019.

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"Hey, this is one of my favorite spreads!" Dawson revealed. "I adore how Fico took my request to 'mix up dogs and lizards in a way that a 10-year-old would love' and created these fascinating Dogzillas, especially that wild-eyed pugasaurus."

"This was an important page, because it was the first splash of the series and we introduce the first foes, as well," said Ossio. "So I went with a dramatic perspective with the two monsters in front... which are a mash-up of dogs with lizard things. I even tried to squeeze a Bumblebee cameo since one of the creatures is on top of a Camaro... but it ended up being red instead of yellow. No shared universes... yet."

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"I really love how Page 9 swan-dives right at the heart of this comic," Dawson admits. "Peter feels responsible for saving everyone (and advising the other Spideys), while Gwen is spunky and ambitious and Miles is cautious and not sure he's ready to play superhero. Even as he feels alone and longs for someone who could understand his secret, Pete still charges bravely into battle, often awkwardly and always with groan-worthy one-liners. Oh, and spoiler alert: No hot dog cart guys will be harmed in this comic. The Spideys, though? They're gonna get some knocks..."

"This is probably my favorite page," noted Ossio. "We see Peter going into action and suiting up! And there`s Gwen and Miles, as well. Gwen is clearly not afraid of what's going on and taking pictures! Initially, Spider-Man was gonna pop out of the bathroom door, but I thought it would look much cooler and "Spidey-like" to have him pop out of a window of the Daily Bugle in an Spidey pose."

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Regarding Ossio's associations with the characters, he's always been a big fan of Ultimate Spider-Man, especially Mark Bagley's run and Stuart Immonen's issues.

"So Peter's look is influenced by that," Ossio explained. "I love the suit design for this Spidey — those blue shoes are so slick. The issue focuses mostly on the trio of Gwen, Peter, and Miles. Delilah did a great job in giving them distinct personalities, so I put maximum effort in transmitting those characteristics to their expressions and postures. The story was super-fun and dynamic to draw. I'm excited to have the fans read it, and hope to bring new readers to this corner of the Spider-Verse!"