Exclusive preview: Earth 2: Society #12

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May 9, 2016

The new world of Earth-2 is escalating toward war, and not even heroes with godlike and super powers might be strong enough to stop it.

Last month in Earth 2: Society, Green Lantern felt powerless, the triple threat of Batman, Ted Grant and Red Arrow tried to take down The Mist and Hourman. Meanwhile, Hawkgirl uncovered some dark secrets in Amazonia. And this month, things are not looking much better for the team-up of Captain Steel and Power Girl. 

In Earth 2: Society #12, published by DC Comics, and available May 11, 2016, the question is posed, "What role do superheroes play on a new world where society has to rebuild itself from the ground up?" It is a good question as two cities head to war over limited resources.

Check out an exclusive preview of the title below, written by Dan Abnett, with art and cover by Jorge Jimenez. If you like the action and adventure you see, pick up the book when it drops on Wednesday.

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