Exclusive preview: Gary Gianni's Monstermen returns to print

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Aaron Sagers
Aug 21, 2017

Zombie cowboys, squid pirates, abominable snowmen, mustachioed skulls, movie phantoms and fat, flying demons! The strange world of Gary Gianni's horror comic Monstermen began as backup stories in the pages of Hellboy books before being collected into one volume.

Now, five years after the initial printing -- and following Gianni's success on Hellboy: Into the Silent Sea -- Dark Horse Comics is reprinting Monstermen and Other Scary Stories as a trade paperback.

Monstermen follows the occult detective duo of millionaire filmmaker Lawrence St. George (who looks like a bald Vincent Price), and his associate Benedict, an immortal knight (always in his tuxedo, and with a helmet on) "of the venerable guild of Corpus Monstrum." The series is both hilarious and haunting and should satisfy any appetite for quirky, pulpy tales with a classic horror vibe. And Gianni's artwork is stunning as his lines bring the ghouls, ghosts and other creatures of the macabre to life.

Monstermen and Other Stories also includes classic prose stories by Robert E. Howard, Clark Ashton Smith and more, illustrated by Gianni.

Take an exclusive peek at Gianni's "Silent as the Grave" story from the reprinted book and pick it up when it comes available on Aug. 22.

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