Exclusive Preview: Gotham By Midnight #4

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Feb 20, 2015

Something buggy is happening in Gotham City at night, but instead of the Bat, this is a job for the Midnight Shift. We're only four issues into Gotham By Midnight, and the creatively twisted minds of Ray Fawkes and Ben Templesmith are crafting another supernatural adventure in the underbelly of the Caped Crusader's town. And this time it looks like Detective Jim Corrigan needs a drink, or eight ... and that's before he sees wormy parasites oozing out of people's heads.

Read this synopsis of the new horror comic Gotham By Midnight by DC Comics, then check out this exclusive Blastr preview before the issue is available next Wednesday, Feb. 25:

Dr. Szandor Tarr is far from what anyone would consider social, but will it turn out he’s more at home with an insect monster savaging Gotham City than he is with the Midnight Shift?

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