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Exclusive Preview: Grant Morrison and Dan Mora send holiday greetings with Boom!'s Klaus and the Crying Snowman

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Nov 18, 2018, 10:21 AM EST

When winter arrives with its frosty breath and glad tidings for the holiday season, our thoughts here at SYFY WIRE turn to food, friends, family, and the welcome return of Boom! Studios' annual Klaus Winter Special.

Spawned from the Eisner Award-nominated Nordic origin story of Jolly Old St. Nicholas courtesy of superstars Grant Morrison (Batman: Arkham Asylum, The Invisibles) and Dan Mora (Power Rangers: Shattered Grid), this year's one-shot offering is titled Klaus and the Crying Snowman, and we've got a surprise peek inside to share before it slides into comic shops Dec. 12.


When the original seven-issue Klaus series finished in 2016, there was a fierce outcry for more Game of Thrones-like adventures featuring the buffed and brawny yuletide warrior, resulting in 2016's Klaus and the Witch of Winter, then Klaus and the Crisis in Xmasville in 2017. Now for 2018 the charismatic warrior and legendary gift-giver takes up his sword as an Earthly defender to save a father who's transforming into a living snowman, battle Saturn moon monsters, and fend off a cabal of naughty Norse Gods.

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“Only Grant, Dan, and Ed could bring you this epic addition to the Klaus mythology, with our hero battling giant tree-monsters on Earth and alien invaders on the moons of Saturn, all while making time to unravel the mystery at the heart of the Crying Snowman,” revealed Boom! Senior Editor Eric Harburn. “And as with every new adventure, Klaus reminds us what lies at the heart of the holiday season: helping those who need it most.”

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Hitch your sleigh to our exclusive 7-page extended look at Klaus and the Crying Snowman in the full gallery below, then let us know if these superb Klaus Winter Specials from Boom! make your holidays much merrier!