Exclusive preview: Green Lantern #51

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Apr 4, 2016, 6:36 PM EDT

In the words of his brother Jim, Hal Jordan is looking "" these days. After he posed as a criminal and accepted the blame of the entire Green Lantern Corps, which then disappeared, Hal returned to Earth to check on his family. Things didn't go as planned, and he ended up in a battle with Parallax, a fight that led to some really interesting problems for our hero. 

Now on the run from both cops and criminals, Hal is looking (and feeling) pretty strange. But that's not his only problem, as you'll find out in our exclusive preview of Green Lantern #51 below. Available April 6, 2016, from publisher DC Comics, the new issue of GL has the former leader of the Green Lantern Corps dealing with new intergalactic lawmen: the Gray Agents. And it seems like Hal is in 50 shades of trouble.

Check out our preview below, and if you like what you see, pick up Green Lantern #51 when it hits this Wednesday. The issue is written by Robert Venditti, with art and cover by Jordi Tarrogona, and Rafael Sandoval; the variant cover is by Klaus Janson, and John Romita, Jr.

The official synopsis:

Who—or what—are the Gray Agents? They’re deadly and determined—and they’ve captured Trapper, Virgo and Darlene the ship in order to track down Hal. And that’s just the start of their campaign to set themselves up as the new law in the universe! Pity anyone who gets in their way. The first of a two-part story that will usher in a new era for Hal Jordan.