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Rey hunts for a ghost ship in this exclusive peek at IDW's Star Wars Adventures: Destroyer Down #1

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Nov 5, 2018

Dedicated to bringing the element of FUN back into comic books, IDW Publishing's stellar Young Adult series, Star Wars Adventures, has been delivering a storm of colorful anthology tales set within the beloved galaxy far, far, away.

Last month, in honor of Halloween, IDW launched Star Wars Adventures: Tales From Vader's Castle, which used the Dark Lord's sinister fortress on Mustafar as a framing device for a selection of spooky tales. Now the indie publisher is back with another grand journey to feast on before Thanksgiving: Star Wars Adventures: Destroyer Down #1, and SYFY WIRE has scored an early look inside.


Taking a cue from the Kieron Gillen and Jason Aaron's six-issue crossover event from 2015-2016, Star Wars: Vader Down, this new three-issue Star Wars Adventures miniseries finds the plucky Rey in the sand-clogged wastelands of Jakku, hunting down a mythical crashed spaceship of the Imperial Navy.

We've seen the future Jedi and her scavenging skills in action before in The Force Awakens, but here she's after the fabled "Ghost Ship," thought lost when the intimidating fleet began falling out of the sky during the last stand of the Old Empire.

The first half of Destroyer Down #1 is written by Scott Beatty and matched with lively art by Derek Charm (Tales From Vader's Castle). A flashback backup story finds Beatty paired up with penciller Jon Sommariva as we learn the true fate of the haunted Star Destroyer Spectral in the heat of combat while the Battle of Jakku waged.

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When the main arc resumes, an epic sandstorm reveals the resting place of the derelict starship, causing Rey to lead the race to claim whatever lies inside as scavengers, tunnelers, and seekers of fortune close in. Within its creaking, rusting hull, Rey discovers the real reason behind the Spectral's ignoble demise and who sent it to a dusty grave decades ago.

Destroyer Down was originally completed a little over a year ago and was our first attempt at a horror-tinged Star Wars story, sort of testing the water before going all the way in Tales From Vader’s Castle," Charm told SYFY WIRE. "It’s a fun comic and unique in that the backup directly relates to the main story and sort of echoes what’s happening in the current time frame. I’m glad it’s finally getting a wide release.

"On a personal note, the backup is drawn by the great Jon Sommariva, and since the original publication we’ve become pretty good friends and he’s one of my favorite people in comics. I also have to point out and commend my frequent color collaborator Matt Herms, who absolutely kills it on this series. We’d worked together before on Jughead and he’s my absolute first choice anytime I’m not coloring myself."

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Protect yourself from the wind-blasted sands of Jakku and trek into our early look at Star Wars Adventures: Destroyer Down #1 before it lands on Nov. 7, then let us know if you're liking this lighter, all-ages fare from the vast Star Wars Universe.

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