Exclusive preview: In Superman #21, will our hero take a life in front of his son?

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Apr 18, 2017, 12:30 PM EDT

Superman never kills, right? It is one of his most important tenets. And it is about to be put to the test ... and in front of his son, no less.

Just two weeks ago, I was pretty excited to tease out Superman #20 right here at Syfy Wire with an exclusive preview, which launched the "Superman Black" storyline as a "Superman Reborn Aftermath" tie-in. Now we're back at it with an early glimpse of Superman #21 by DC Comics before it drops this week.

In the first few pages of this sneak peek below, Damian Wayne is sleeping over at the Kent homestead after he and his Bat-dad grapple-hooked into farm country. With Batman still gone after a night of investigating, Clark tells the boys to grab their suits so they can go have a look for Bruce. Meanwhile, the mystery surrounding Hamilton deepens. And in this issue, Supes has to decide whether to take a life ... and with his son in tow.

The issue is written by Patrick Gleason and Peter J. Tomasi; art is by Jaime Mendoza and Doug Mahnke; cover is by Patrick Gleason, with a variant cover by Tony S. Daniel.

Check out an exclusive preview of Superman #21, published by DC Comics and available on April 19. If you dig what you see, pick up the book when it drops on Wednesday.