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Cover, Justice League #25, available July 19, 2017

Exclusive preview: Justice League #25

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Jul 17, 2017

Live, die, be reborn, repeat: that's the game of Rebirth. And it's not just the good guys that get a second chance at life, as Batman discovers in Justice League #25 as our heroes are locked out of reality.

"Afterlives" Part 4 appears to be a big one, literally and figuratively. In an extra-sized anniversary tale that begins with an unforgiving Green Lantern Corps wiping out billions of zombies in a battle against a galactic Big Bad, the stage is set for Earth being ground zero of a universe-wide apocalypse. Meanwhile, the afterlife sets the stage for an unlikely team-up between the JL and Felix Faust to figure out how to escape -- and the mastermind of all this reveals himself.

Published by DC Comics and available on July 19, Justice League #25 is written by Bryan Hitch with art by Oclair Albert and Fernando Pasarin, featuring a cover by Hitch and variant cover by Nicholas Bradshaw. Check out our exclusive preview of the issue, and if you want more of the League, pick it up when it drops this week.

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