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Exclusive preview: Lord Drakkon's invasion escalates in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #27

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:03 AM EDT (Updated)

2018 marks the 25th anniversary of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, and if Lord Drakkon has his way, it will be their final year of existence. In almost every timeline, Tommy Oliver was one of the greatest Power Rangers. But in a timeline gone wrong, he became Lord Drakkon, one of the most dangerous threats the Rangers have ever faced.

Writer Kyle Higgins and artist Daniele di Nicuolo's first two chapters of "Shattered Grid" left the Power Rangers reeling when Drakkon brutally murdered Tommy and began an assault on the Rangers from every era at once. Drakkon and his minions have found a way to use the morphing grid to steal the powers of each team and redistribute them to himself and his followers. The attacks have happened so suddenly that victory may already be within Drakkon's grasp.

Zordon's pleas to the Morphing Masters for help have been rejected, so the Rangers are on their own. But they are far from finished. Now Zordon is sending out the call for every Power Rangers team to unite against their common enemy.

"Shattered Grid" continues in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #27 on Wednesday, May 16. Here's the official synopsis from Boom! Studios:

"As Lord Drakkon's power and influence grows, the Power Rangers work with new allies from across time and dimensions, including Ranger teams such as Time Force, RPM, and Samurai, to craft a plan to fight back… but is it already too late?"

You can read our exclusive Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #27 preview in the gallery below.